Beulah Camp


Beulah is humming with activity as we prepare for the return of our seasonal agreement holders, guests, and large group events. Annual and deferred maintenance work is well underway, including the installation of a new roof on Heritage Hall as well as sections of the Tabernacle.

Plan now to join the staff, Camp Board, and regular volunteer team members on Saturday, May 11 to help us make even more progress on getting our house in order for an exciting summer!  Coffee will be ready in the dining hall for an 8:30 am start.  A delicious turkey dinner will be served for lunch with homemade pie to follow. Please help us prepare for this day by registering in advance with [email protected].

Beulah Information Session will follow lunch to share the vision and strategic planning for maintenance and growth of the grounds as well as the initial design plans for Tabernacle Terrace. It’s going to be an exciting day! Don’t miss it. Register here.