Beulah Newsletter – December 2023

As fall transitions to winter and the year draws to a close, numerous sacred and fun-filled moments can be recalled of Beulah 2023. We are delighted to share our community of year round residents, lot leases, and seasonal trailer holders has grown to a total of 362. Of these agreements, 47 are individuals or family units who make Beulah their year round home. We are especially delighted to welcome 6 new young families to our seasonal community who do not have previous Beulah generational ties. It’s exciting to see how the Lord is drawing people of all ages to this beloved place!

It takes hundreds of volunteers and generous financial gifts to make Beulah Camp and Conference Center function along with paid employees. During 2023, our year-round staff has grown to include our caretaker, 3 managers, a chef, cook, and 2 part time housekeepers.

We are also thrilled to announce the NEW Beulah Activity Center (BAC) team of BAC founder Brian MacMillan and Julie Smith. As BAC Partners, Brian and Julie will continue to offer the high quality service we have come to expect and enjoy from the BAC. Please connect with Julie regarding membership or administrative items, and with Brian for matters specific to the equipment and facility.

  • Given the increasing costs of maintaining a fitness center of this calibre, your timely payment of fees and adherence to the rules and regulations is required. Review expectations on the BCCC website.

Julie Smith

Brian MacMillan

The Beulah session of the Camp Board meets regularly to serve the vision and mission of these consecrated grounds. In 2023, the Camp Board completed a strategic plan to guide the operational and missional work for the next three years. The three facets of this vision – renewal, recreational, and residential – have provided the framework by which decisions and planning are guided. This strategic plan is a living document updated as needed by the Camp Board.

Throughout 2024, you will receive communication which will offer you opportunities to engage in the maintenance and growth of Beulah for the purpose of Kingdom impact. Will you commit to prayerfully and practically joining us in fulfilling this vision?


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BCCC Board left to right: Rob Trafton, Tami Mutch-Ketch, Peter Moore, Mike White, Steve Bradley, Robin Churchill, Russell Hall, Don Ingersoll.  Not pictured: Kevin Cox

Christmas at Heartland on November 23rd, 24th, and 25th was a huge success! This event of excellence was delivered by the BCCC Guest Services Team of Chef Hannah Wright and her team of cooks and servers; Marlene Spearman and her team of decorators; musicians Rob & Marti Trafton; and Guest Services Manager Lynnette Perry.

Christmas at Heartland 2024

SAVE the DATE! Family Camp 2024 July 6-14.

You can view the sermons from Family Camp 2023 on the BCCC website or CLICK HERE on YouTube!

NEW! Invoices and property tax statements for all lot leaseholders and seasonal trailers will be sent via EMAIL within the month of December. If your email address is not current or on file, we will send your invoice and statement by Canada Post. These are to be paid in full by August 31, 2024. Property taxes are to be paid in full by May 31, 2024. If you are presently enrolled for equalized payments your withdrawals will continue.

  • One Step Process for Equalized Payment Enrolment: To make automated equalized monthly payments please send a picture of a voided cheque through email with your invoice number to [email protected]  or you may mail in a voided cheque with your preferred phone number. Once received, you will be contacted to confirm the amount of monthly withdrawal.
  • E-transfers may be made at [email protected]. Please write in the message box: “For invoice #—“.

The Property Advisory Committee (PAC) under the leadership of Property Development Officer Rob Trafton has completed the NEW BCCC by-laws for Maintenance and Care of Properties along with Building By-Laws. It is important all leaseholders read the updated expectations of having a home, cottage, or trailer at Beulah. These by-laws can be found under the “Residents” tab on the BCCC website.

Thank you for establishing the annual habit of paying lot leases, trailer park fees, and taxes before the late fee deadline. Your willingness to participate in the automated monthly payments has made significant impact in the flow of funds to allow BCCC to grow as an active year round destination and home for many.

  • The Board is committed to addressing deferred maintenance needs of all buildings over the next three years. Your timely payment of fees will contribute greatly to our ability to meet this goal.
  • As recommended by the BCCC Board fall 2021 session with approval by the DBA, an annual incremental increase of $40 per year for the next 5 years (2022-2027) will be required of all lessees and seasonal lot renters to support the maintenance of operations and investment in future experiences and projects.

Long Term Sublet Rentals: Given the increase in long-term rentals offered by primary occupants, approval is required before long term sublets may occur. BCCC will require signature by those who sublet cottages, seasonal lots, and residences when the rental exceeds four weeks; in addition to reference checks of the individual to whom you sublet.

  • As the primary occupant with BCCC you are responsible for ensuring all expectations and standards of conduct are upheld by any renter. Failure to do so may result in BCCC action regarding your eligibility to remain the primary occupant.
  • The application form for long term sublet rentals may be found on our website.

Residential Forms: Requests for connection to winter water, property upgrades to seasonal and year-round lots (such as the addition of a deck or an outbuilding, adding square footage to a cottage, etc.) must be made by written application after an initial conversation with the Caretaker [email protected] or Property Development Officer [email protected]. The following forms may be found on the BCCC website under Residents.

  • Lease Holder’s Building/Modification Request
  • Purchase Cottage/Trailer-Transfer Lease
  • Request for Seasonal Trailer Lot
  • Request for Winter Water Connection
  • Request to add Additional Lessee
  • Request to sell Cottage/Trailer and Transfer Lease
  • Request to Sublet Cottage/Seasonal Lots/Residences

SAVE the DATE! Plan now to attend the second annual discipleship workshop for women, Come Away My Beloved, April 5-6, 2024. Registration opens early 2024.

On November 9th, the DBA unanimously approved Phase 1 of the Tabernacle Terrace project. As part of the BCCC 3-year strategic plan, the Beulah Session of the Camp Board is committed to enhancing Beulah campgrounds for the shared Kingdom mission to nurture spiritual growth and renewal.

  • Phase 1 (projected cost $25,000) consists of the removal of Riverview and initial aesthetic improvements such as levelling the ground and completing an artist’s rendering of the gathering space.
  • Phase 2 will include closing the road between the Tabernacle and the former Riverview area for the development of the Tabernacle Terrace gathering space. This green space will include a fellowship garden with benches and picnic tables; pathways for a prayer walk; and seating and meeting areas with views of the river including an observation platform. It is the Board’s intent to recreate the historical appearance of the Tabernacle area while drawing the focus to where we meet with the Lord. Accessible for all ages and inviting as the heart of Beulah, this area will serve as the central place for the gathering of children, teens, and adults.
  • Phase 3 will consist of further enhancement of the Tabernacle including strategic efforts to prevent deterioration of this critically important building; the construction of a Welcome Center which will include public accessible washrooms; a visitor’s center for meeting and telling the Beulah story; coffee shop; and gathering spaces for fellowship and conversation among friends and small groups. A First Aid station and other services for community members and guests may also be included. There will be opportunities for community input as the concept is developed.
  • Project leaders Dr. Shirley Mullen and Rev. Rob Trafton are committed to working with all to create a space that gives glory to God and draws us to the heart of our mission to cultivate pastoral and lay leadership, to nurture spiritual growth and renewal,  and to provide vibrant fellowship.

Please click here to view the service of Remembrance and Gratitude for Riverview and to view photos of the removal of the building.

We are committed to keeping you informed and welcome your feedback and ideas for this missional project. Please direct inquiries to:
[email protected] or [email protected]


If you wish to make a financial donation to Beulah Camp and Conference Center, please use the following link to access options for giving.

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